A Series of Bets Leads One Smart Twin Spin Slot Player to Win €31,564.50

Ray from the Netherlands managed to cash out a small fortune after playing on Twin Spin Touch. But it wasn’t just luck, but betting smart that got him there.

It was Monday 20th of March 2015. Ray didn’t have the Monday blues as such, but it hadn’t been a great day.

So Ray did what any of us who’s had a shitty day at work decides to do: play slots and hope that some good results could get him on the next boat to the Caribbean.

Yeah, it been that kind of day.

So he went to Royal Panda Casino mobile casino. He’s always been a NetEnt fan, so he only needed a NetEntertainment casino to play at. Still, it didn’t hurt that Royal Panda had Microgaming slots and live casino games also help somewhat.

Or the fact that they give you 10 free spins on Starburst when you register no doubt helped make his decision easier.

How to turn a €350 deposit into a €31,564.50 win

So he played the free spins, and been playing at Royal Panda for a few weeks now.


This Monday, he decided to deposit €350 on his mobile phone. Which to everyone else, is:

  • US$375
  • AU$486
  • CA$460
  • 3,270 SEK
  • £250

How did he Twin Spin Touch to riches?

It’s a simple game, we’ll grant you. It’s not even particularly impressive when it comes to graphics, having a classic 7’s and bars fruity look about it, with 70’s style lounge music playing in the background.

But what it does have is the ability to strike big at any time and work flawlessly as an iPad slot.

Joint reels and 243 ways to win

You don’t get free spins, or scatters or bonus symbols.

Just a wild, and the ability for any reel to suddenly join together and create identical reels, side by side. Usually you get 2 or 3 reels with the same symbol, which can be profitable enough.

But it’s when the reels start to mirror each other across 4 or 5 columns… that’s when things get really interesting.

How Ray used these to his advantage… well we wouldn’t have believed it ourselves if we hadn’t seen the screen shots straight from Royal Panda themselves.

Three big wins in a row… with bigger and bigger bets

Ray wasn’t betting the house on his mobile. With is 350 deposit, he was playing a good conservative 1.50 a spin.


He figured that gave him a decent 200 or so spins to strike it lucky.

And then, the incredible happened. The lights dimmed, the music’s volume went up, and he saw that not one, not two, but five of the reels were glowing.

That meant he was going to get five reels completely the same.

That’s 243 ways to win, on each 243 pay lines, guaranteed.

First, he was greeted by the queen and won €583

He never realised how such a plain symbol could be so beautiful. But when he saw he had a screen full, not just of five identical symbols, but of purple ‘Q’s sitting from one side of the screen to the other, he was over the moon.

That was a 388 times his win!

But it wasn’t a holiday’s worth was it?

Almost Aced the wins, but still got rewarded with €2,591

So he did what any man with a plan decides to do. He upped his bet to $10 a spin.

His Monday was brightening up. And even if he didn’t win any more, he was having one hell of a time playing on Twin Spin slot.


And then, those 5 joint reels of magic happened again. And, granted, he didn’t get quite the full house as last time, but he got five reels full of Aces… except for one symbol.

So not quite as impressive as his first win, but still 259 times his bet.

Now that’s the holiday he was talking about… except… except… wouldn’t it be nice to bring the family?

A full ace in the hole won him the final €19,440 big win

So, he did what any man with trousers full of brass and balls the size of Mars would do.

He upped the bet to $50 a spin and kept on playing. With the Twin Spin game just getting hotter and hotter. He lost a little, won a bit, and kept climbing until…

It couldn’t happen again could it? Yet there it was. All reels, identical, all showing one simple symbol – ‘A’s as far as these 5 reels could see. Which lead to a €19,440 win.

He won a final 388 time his bet. And with that, he pressed the withdrawal button.

Ray withdrew €31,564.50 from Royal Panda casino

Crazy as it might sound. This is exactly what happened to Ray, bet by bet, win by win.

The nice thing, of course, was that he got his winnings within 24 hours, thanks to Royal Panda’s super fast cashouts.

We doubt that Ray will be playing any other slot machine, ever again.

We know we certainly wouldn’t.

Will you be as lucky as Ray at Royal Panda casino? Best time to try is right now, with 10 free spins + 100% up to £€$200 on your first deposit.